Spring buds, not summer leaves, contribute white tea health value.
First to know: when and where.

  White Hair Silver Needles   
(2020 first white tea spring buds)

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A tea closest to original nature— the early spring tender sharp-end tea buds with their white hairs on are
carefully spread out separately without overlapping and left to wither naturally or under mild low fire on rainy days. Thanks to the light process, White Tea keeps well the natural health contents, such as Tea Polyphenols and free amino acids.
People from the White Tea area have more than one thousand years of life experience in using White Tea,
especially one year stored "White Hairs Silver Needles "白毫银针", to release fever from measles.




Mild, fresh plants’ aroma, light yellow infusion, pleasant smooth taste.

White Hair Silver Needles Of White tea first spring buds between Mar.10-13. Top both in taste and health!

How to brew White Tea:

Fine porcelain Gaiwan or teapot is the best.
2 g for 1 dl Gaiwan;
85℃ water (the softer the water, the lower the temperature).
Refill up to 4-5 times.

  1. Warm Gaiwan, put in 2 g of the tea;
  2. Pour in ¼ water and gently move the tea cup for the tea leaves to come to the average temperature;
  3. Smell the inside of lid - full of aroma!
  4. Pour in all the water in an up-down-up-down way to mobilise the tea leaves;
  5. Infuse for 2 minutes.

How to appreciate White Tea:

nose for the aroma
very mild, elegant fragrance that requires your full attention to sense.

eyes for the colour and form
fantastic lively green tea buds, standing up in water; bright, transparent, light green infusion.

tongue for the taste
refreshing and mild taste which take you some time to learn and enjoy.


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