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Chinese Tea Ceremony (book a ceremony by email to

From drinking tea, to appreciating tea and further on to the tea ceremony, there is no other drink in the world that contributes so many layers of joy to us!

The Chinese Tea Ceremony is an experience. Excellent tea gives us what we wish for from Nature: beautiful form, color, aroma and taste for us to see, smell and feel. The sense of joy in tea lifts us up to a spiritual harmony essential to our well-being. Harmony, tranquility and beauty are the meaning of the tea ritual.

I would like to share with you a well-known tea poem by the Chinese tea personality Lu Tong (795-835):

  The first bowl sleekly moistened my throat and lips;
The second banished all my loneliness;
The third expelled the dullness from my mind,
Sharpening inspiration gained from all the books I’ve read.
The fourth brought forth light perspiration,
Dispersing a lifetime’s troubles through my pores.
The fifth bowl cleansed every atom of my being.
The sixth has made me kin to the Immortals.
This seventh is the utmost I can drink.
(translation source:






(the original version of Lu Tong’s tea poem)


White Tea Jasmine Scented:
Needle King
Quality Features:
form: hairy, tender green 外形: 披毫, 色泽嫩绿
infusion: bright, light golden 汤色: 嫩黄明亮
aroma: pure, flowery, high 香气: 浓纯,鲜灵
taste: mature and refreshing 滋味: 醇厚

quiet preparation

fine arrangement

tea form appreciation

warming up cups
setting in the tea
温杯 分茶

first brewing
initial fragrance
润泡 摇香

phoenix nodding heads three times - complete infusion
凤凰三点头 - 冲泡

ready for serving the tea


Oolong tea-each step symbolises history and Buddhism.

Quality Features:

形: 美似观音重如铁
shape: nice as Buddha heavy as iron
色:金黄透亮      golden, bright color
香:浓郁芳香      dense, flowery aroma
味:丝滑醇厚   silky slippery mature taste

immortal spring bathing the cups
grey dragon entering its palace
washing away the earthy dust
high mountain flowing water
spring breeze soothing the face
morning sunshine brightens up
fairy enjoys bath in the sea
tour around waters and hills
Buddha moves His lotus seat
General Guan watching around the town
General Hanxin counting his soldiers


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