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“Yunan Pu Er for winter, West Lake Longjing for summer”,
The imperial family tea drinking tradition according to China’s last emperor Puyi.
“Pu Er” is actually the name of an old small town of Simao district in Yunan, where the tea had been collected for trading and distribution in history. It is profermented, of large-leave camellia sinesis growing thousands of years in Yunan old sub-tropical forest.
Pu Er is very special for its aging – longer years, more sophisticated; older, more expensive; also special for being pressed into varieties of forms: loose, brick, bird’s nest, cake…



Mini Bird’s Nestle lovely tiny ones, each fits for a 4-5dl.clay teapot, conveniently serves a moment of old Pu Er joy. It’s an easy start for your Pu Er feeling.


How to brew Mini Birds Nest?

Handmade Yixing clay teapot is a must!!
1 mini Bird's Nest for 4-5 dl water;
100 ℃ water
Refill up to 6-7 times.

  1. warm up the teapot, put in 1 mini Bird's Nest;
  2. pour in water, infuse half minute,immediately pour away;
  3. pour in all water, infuse 1 minute, ready for serve.
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