Spring or Autumn tender leaves skillfully processed mean Oolong quality.

  "Ink Lotus"   
a folding fan painting on rice paper created by the Chinese artist Liu Xirong.

1 pcs 650kr

1 pcs 650kr


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"Ink Lotus"

It is a folding fan painting on rice paper created by the artist Liu Xirong. Lotus is the artist's favourite ink painting subject.

The painting can be framed and hung on the wall as a piece of art.

Lotus has profound cultural significance in many Asian countries like India and China. Hindus revere lotus as a symbol of purity and beauty. All Chinese middle school students learn the essay "Ode to the Lotus", written by the Northern Song Dynasty scholar Zhou Dunyi(1017-1073). The writer compared lotus to a noble gentleman of virtues. The most famous lines in the essay are: "out of muck and mud grows unblemished; and out of clear waters shows pure and stainless".

About the Artist Liu Xirong

The artist Liu Xirong is an eminent scholar of Chinese tradition and culture study. As an artist, Mr.Liu Xirong excels in traditional freehand brushwork painting. His painting "The Shadow of Bamboo in Red Ink" was acquired by the Bristish Rail Pension Funds in London in 2017.

Liu Xirong is also an antique collector, highly accalaimed for his connoisseurship in the Xuande incense burners of the Ming and Qing dynasties. His collections are lavishly illustrated in his five volume book entitled "Literati Elegance: Xuande Incense Burners from the Rongzhai Collection".

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