Spring buds, not summer leaves, contribute green tea health value.
First to know: when and where.

  Bi Luo Chun EXCLUSIVE   
(spring buds before April 10, 2019)

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We select Bi Luo Chun from the historically protected Xishan hill beside the beautiful Taihu lake in Jiangsu. The tea plantation is surrounded by various fruit trees such as peach, pear, cherry and date. Bi Luo Chun tea plants are naturally enriched by the fruit fragrance.
”Bi Luo Chun” is an honourable name given by the Tsing dynasty emperor Kangxi.

In 1675, Kangxi travelled around Taihu lake and the local governor Sung Hun gave him 50g of this green tea. The emperor tasted it and right away fell in love with its fragrance. He asked about the name of this green tea. The governor answered that this tea was called “Frightening Fragrance”. Kanxi thought for a while, took up his ink brush, and proudly wrote down three characters, 碧螺春 - Bi Luo Chun, which means “Green, Ring, Spring”.

The talented emperor illustrated precisely the features of this green tea!



Bi Luo Chun appearance is a lively green. Its tiny hairy spring buds are gently wrapped up, like delicate rings.It tastes soft, mild, like a piece of silk gliding over your lips; trying to taste more, you will discover a hint of bitterness behind.Once named the “frightening fragrance”, imagine its fruity honey aroma!

EXCLUSIVE is made from spring tea buds plucked only between the end of March to 10 April every year.

How to brew Bi Luo Chun:

Glass gaiwan, 85 ℃, 2 g per 1 dl. Refill up to 4 times.
extra care: pour in some hot water first, then put in Bi Luo Chun. Infuse for 2 minutes, and then add all the water;!! longer time for infusion, 8 minutes, for those pretty tiny white hairs upon the buds to fall down into water.
  1. Warm the Gaiwan, pour in ¼ water FIRST. Then put in 2 g tea, gently move the tea cup to even out the temperature;
  2. Smell the inside of lid - full of aroma!
  3. Pour in all the water in an up-down-up- down way to mobilise the tea leaves;
  4. Infuse for 8-10 minutes.

How to appreciate Bi Luo Chun:

nose for the aroma
a fresh, fruity fragrance.

eyes for the colour and form
lively green, its tiny hairy spring buds softly wrapped up, like delicate rings.

tongue for the taste
soft and mild with a slightly bitter aftertaste.
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