Spring buds, not summer leaves, contribute green tea health value.
First to know: when and where.

  Huangshan Maofeng   
(spring buds before April 10, 2019)

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“Beautiful mountain cultivate excellent tea.” Exactly as the Chinese say, the scenic mountain Huangshan in Anhui creates for us Huangshan Maofeng.Huangshan Mountain is well known for its “Four Wonders”: cliff, creek, cloud and pine. The Ming Dynasty traveller and geographer Xu Xiake (1586-1641) left us with this admiration:

Returning from Wuyue,
No need to see other mountains;
Returning from Huangshan,
No need to see Wuyue.

Huangshan Maofeng green tea grows on steep slopes along deep valleys locating 1200 metres up in the mountains. The valleys have a special micro climate for the tea plantation: short sunshine, plentiful rainfall, high humidity and rich soil. What is more, numerous varieties of wild flowers are spread among the tea plants. The flowers bloom in spring when the green tea spring buds are also mature for harvest. This is why Huangshan Maofeng carries a special flowery fragrance!


Our selection of Huangshan Maofeng Superior has a lively fresh green appearance. Its sharp spring buds extend through the tender leaves, displaying its excellent quality.It tastes pleasantly refreshing with a rich combination of sweet bitterness and lingering after taste.Thanks to the natural wild flowers dotted among the tea plants, the tea carries a special flowery honey aroma. You can try to catch it over and over.

Superior is made from spring tea buds before 10 April.

How to brew Huangshan Maofeng:

glass Gaiwan ,85 ℃, 2 g per 1dl. Refill up to 4 times.

  1. Warm the Gaiwan, put in 2 g of tea;
  2. Pour in ¼ water and gently move the tea cup for the tea leaves to come to the average temperature;
  3. Smell the inside of lid - full of fragrance!
  4. Pour in all the water in an up-down-up-down way to mobilise the tea leaves;
  5. Infuse for 2 minutes.

How to appreciate Huangshan Maofeng:

nose for smelling the aroma
fresh, flowery, honey aroma.

eyes for the colour and form
bright light green colour; spring buds reaching over the tender leaves.

tongue for the taste
refreshing and sweet with a hint of bitterness. And a sweet taste afterwards.


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