Enshi Hairy Needle   
(a fine black tea from selenium-rich soil)

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Enshi is an old scenic mountain city in Hubei province, southwestern China. Since ancient times, many ethnic minorities have been living here, Tujia ethnic group coverS half of the population. The different ethnic groups create colouful local culture, known as ”Ba culture”. Tujia folk song ”Long Chuan Diao” is well-known all over China.
Enshi is rich in natural resources, 80 per cent of its landscape is subtropical forest. The ever green mountains provide tea plantation ideal micro climate, its anual sunshine time is 1400-1500 hours and its frost-free period is about 220 days. The most unusual is its soil, which contain plenty of minerals, especially selenium. Enshi is praised as China’s ”treasure of selenium”. Thanks for the excellent micro environment, Enshi Hairy Needle black tea contributes us valuable health benefits.



The name tells its origin (Enshi) and quality (hairy needle, tender spring tea buds).
Enshi Hairy Needle is made from early spring tea buds, carefully processed with traditional 25 procedures! The tea appears neat, lively dark brown. It gives delightful fruity aroma. A pure white jade porcelain Gaiwan might be the best to prepare this black tea because its infusion colour is bright and golden, really pleasant for our eyes. The tea tastes smooth and mellow blended with honey sweetness. 

Tips: Enshi Hairy Needle gives warm comfort to stomach, a suitable warm drink for late autumn and cold winter. Its rich selenium contents help us with good energy.

How to brew Enshi Hairy Needle black tea?

A porcelain Gaiwan is the best to appreciate this fine black tea!
2 g for 1dl. water;
95 ℃ water. Refill up to 4-5 times.

  • warm up the Gaiwa;
  • put in 2 g tea ;
  • slowly and evenly pour in 95 ℃ water
  • infuse 1 minute.

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