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Fujian Min Hong, one of China’s famous black teas, originates from Tai Mu mountain in the northeast of Fujian. It was firstly recorded in 1851 in Tsing Dynasty ”Wu Yi Anthology” (武夷志).

Fujian Min Hong is made of spring buds and leaves harvested from the small-leaf camelia sinesis tree growing in the Tai Mu mountain.

Fujian Min Hong is often called by the locals as "Gongfu black tea". The Chinese two words ”Gong Fu” mean ”lots of time and efforts”. The tea requires skilled and complicated hand work including 12 processing procedures!



Its infusion appears bright and golden; its leaves neatly remain in the bottom. Its taste is smooth and fruity with sweet aftertaste.

How to brew Fujian Min Hong black tea?

Handmade Yixing clay teapot or fine porcelain teapot.
4 g for 4-5 dl water;
95 ℃ water. Refill up to 4-5 times.


  1. warm up the teapot;
  2. put in the tea, 4 g for 4-5 dl teapot;
  3. slowly and evenly pour in 95 ℃ water
  4. infuse 2 minutes.

Serve the tea into cup first, then add milk and honey as you like.

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