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(photo: Li Bo from Yunnan)


Dian Hong literally means Yunnan Black tea. 

Located on the eastern edge of the Himalayan uplift, Yunnan is the southwest border province of China, with neighbours Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. 


Yunnan embraces over 20 ethnic minorities such as, Bulang, Naxi, Dai, Yi, Hani, Lili, and Tibetan. The multi-ethnic groups create colourful local history, culture and customs. 


Yunnan is rich in natural resources, especially its southwestern Simao, Lincang and Xishuangbanna areas along the Lancang river. Here lie China’s largest tropical rain forests, where thousands of species of plants grow, a “kingdom of plants”. In Simao, you can find the world’s oldest wild tea trees, some of them more than 2700 years old. These wild tea trees are huge, over 40 meters high. The local ethnic Bulang people worship these old trees as gold given by their ancestors. Our selection Old Tea Tree Dian Hong is, more precisely, a black tea finely processed according to traditional methods by the local Bulang tea farmers.

How to Appreciate Old Tea Tree Dian Hong?


Your experience starts already when opening the packaging. You will catch a sweet fruity fragrance, very pleasant. Steeping in water for 5 seconds, the infusion shows a golden and bright colour. If you stretch the leaf, you can see its irregular toothed edge; you will also feel the leaf strong and flexible. These features indicate its superior quality.


The tea tastes smooth, mildly sweet, with a sort of wild forest flowery fragrance. It has a sweet taste aftertaste, leaving your mouth clean and slightly dry. We recommend you enjoy the tea together with grilled or fried meat or cream cakes.



How to brew Old Tea Tree Dian Hong

Quick, frequent, plus a small teapot.  

4 g per 300 ml of water at 85-90 C.

Quick: infuse 5-6 seconds only! Avoid over-cooking.

Frequent: repeatedly brew 4-5 times, each time 5-6 seconds. 

Tips: it is a good idea that you select a small teapot, accompanied by a bigger serving pot (half liter). 


1. put 4 g tea into a 300 dl teapot; 

2. pour in 85-90 C water;

3. infuse 5-6 seconds!! serve immediately;

4. repeat steps 2 and 3 up to 4-5 times. If you do not drink up the tea each time, pour it into a bigger serving pot, which collects the infusions from various infusions; really interesting to taste!


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